The Spectrum of Sex
The Science of Male, Female, and Intersex

(Jessica Kingsley Publishers – Hachette Book)

A transformative guide that completely breaks down our current understanding of sex and gender diversity. We challenge the myth that sex and gender are exclusively binary by examining the inherent scientific diversity of biological sex. We also explore the innate relationship between sex and gender identity, and the acknowledgement of sex and gender diversity within various ancient and current societies.

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Brief Amicus Curiae of Dr. Maria Nieto – Supreme Court of the United States

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Other nonfiction writings

    Marriage and Biology: Defining a Man and Woman is Harder than You Might Think.
Nieto, M. East Bay Express, 30 (47):7, 2008.

    Anatomy is Destiny, Except Sometimes. Nieto, M. The Gay and Lesbian Review, 15(6):22-23, 2008.